woensdag 27 augustus 2008

"Cavalia 'soon' on its way to Lisbon"

MONTREAL, Aug. 27 /CanadaNewsWire Telbec/ - Cavalia, the spectacular equestrian odyssey, celebrates five years of touring, challenges and emotions. After a debut that exceeded all expectations in Shawinigan on August 28, 2003, Cavalia has traveled throughout North America and Europe, captivating spectators everywhere it set its hooves. With more than 1,100 shows to its credit, the grand-scale extravaganza often called a "magical ballet between man andhorse," has charmed more than two million spectators. Normand Latourelle, President and Artistic Director, is proud of the company's evolution. For Latourelle "What touches me most since creating Cavalia is to notice that the show reaches audiences of all ages and of allcountries. The spectator, whether an equestrian connoisseur or not, is invariably touched by such beauty... It is thanks to the exceptional team of two and four-legged artists that Cavalia's magic has been relived night afternight for the past 5 years." Dominique Day, Vice-President and Co-Founder, is also pleased with Cavalia's success. "We've pioneered a new niche in the world of entertainment. Nowhere else in the world has the horse expressed himself in such an enchanting, respectful and modern setting. Our goal is to continue to surprise and move the spectator. This desire to reinvent the way we see and interact with the horse will continue to drive the evolution of the company; it is alsoour inspiration for the creation of a new show." Between 2003 and 2006, Cavalia was presented in nearly twenty Canadian and American cities such as Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Washington DC. In 2007, when the troupe crossed the Atlantic, European capitals such as Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid also fell under the charm of Cavalia. The international press hailed Cavalia as "pure poetry" (Paris Match), as being "charged with fantasy, magic and emotion" (El Mundo) and as the"highlighted show of the year" (Focus Magazine). The cast of 65 horses and 37 artists are currently performing for the third (?) time in Belgium, and will soon be on their way to Lisbon, Portugal. Cavalia, a show like no other created to date, is a lavish orchestration of multimedia, equestrian and performing arts. It is a dream of freedom, complicity and harmony which explores the relationship between humans and horses throughout history. Charged with poetry and pure emotion, acrobats,aerialists, dancers and musicians share the stage with the noble, powerful and agile steeds in dream-like virtual settings. Cavalia was created by Normand Latourelle, renowned for his adventurous productions. It is directed by Erick Villeneuve and the equestrian co-directors are Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado. The haunting original score was composed by Michel Cusson.